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4/23 Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse
4/30 Somos Chavalos
5/16 A Toast
5/21 Miami 1996
5/29 Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke
6/5 Xemoland
6/20 The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again
7/3 Reinaldo Arenas
7/29 Si Nos Dejan
11/12 Chlorophyl

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    Kayla lookin good next to Sandra Bullock on the front page of Indiewire today in article about some Borscht shorts that played at Key West Film Fest last weekend. #xs

    Chlorophyl (2011) dir: Barry Jenkins

    Chlorophyl (yes, with one “L” at the end) was commissioned for Borscht 7 in 2011. Even with only one feature film to his credit (the stunning Medicine for Melancholy) it is safe to say that Barry Jenkins is one of the most important filmmakers to ever grow up in Miami.

    Borschtian Andrew Hevia made it his holy mission to get his fellow FSU alumni back to his hometown to make a spiritual follow-up of sorts to Medicine. Hevia put the project together, teaming Barry with local musician Millionyoung to create the short.

    As Andrew tells it in a guest post about regional filmmaking for Filmmaker Magazine that year:

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    SI NOS DEJAN (2013) dir: Celia Rowlson-Hall

    Si Nos Dejan was commissioned for Borscht 8 in December of 2012. It had its official premiere at SXSW in 2013 and is still making its festival run. Celia first came to our attention through her brilliant short Prom Night, and she spent a month in Miami at the LegalArt residency in Overtown researching for her Borscht short. She ended up spending a lot of time exploring the themed motels on 8th street in Little Havana (infamous for their faux opulence and prostitution) befriending the professional women, throwing tea parties, and making a series of microshorts which culminated in this film.

    We are excited to present a foreword by writer Nick Pinkerton, regular contributor to Sundance Blogs, Sight and Sound Magazine, and formerly the Village Voice.

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    THE INFINITE SADNESS OF CHRIS BOSH (2013) dir: Tony Parker

    We don’t really know who remixed footage from the original Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse by Bleeding Palm, but we are glad they did.

    "This is infinitely better than the original" - Bleeding Palm

    God bless us, every one.

    REINALDO ARENAS (2011) dir: Lucas Leyva

    Reinaldo Arenas was commissioned for Borscht 7 in April of 2011. It had its official premiere at Slamdance in 2012 and played many other film festivals including SXSW. Based on a true story, it was originally part of a series of shorts dramatizing bizarre Miami news events, told from the point of view of the animals involved. While shorts about orchids seeing conquistadors for the first time and raining iguanas were shot around the same time, the larger project was ultimately abandoned.

    The foreword is by Nathaniel Sandler, director of Bookleggers Independent Nomadic Library and founder of literary website/ experimental storytelling platform Allography.

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    The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again (2011) Dir: Lucas Leyva

    We were going to hold off on this one, but wanted to respond to this Rolling Stone article more. It’s our cosmic “duh bro.”

    The essay is by marine biologist Colin Foord, 1/2 of frequent Borscht collaborators Coral Morphologic.

    Enjoy, Atlanteans.

    (The password is wakeup)

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    Congrats @bleeding_palm @bleeding_palm_en_espanol #bestofmiami #alllifeisreal @chrisbosh #xs

    Really proud and excited to be co-presenting the first full length release from the marine biologist/artists/geniuses at Coral Morphologic.

    You may remember this from when we screened it on the 7,000 sq ft. outdoor screen at New World Symphony during Borscht 8.

    It’s over an hour of the most beautiful psychedelic sea life, scored by members of bands ANR, Plains, and Animal Collective.

    If you like the science films of Jean Painleve, you will love Coral Morphologic. 

    Xemoland (2009) dir: Daniel Cardenas

    Xemoland was commissioned for Borscht 6 in November of 2009. It had its official premiere at Sundance in 2011.

    In honor of the beginning Florida public school summer, we present a lazylisticle of “5 Only In Miami Details You May Have Missed in Xemoland.”

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    A Toast (to Miami) in gifs.

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